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About Project

freerangeboy is a brand that is an ode to a simpler time.

Founded by Dave Braithwaite in the spirit of a childhood spent playing in the mud and drinking from the garden hose, this self-acknowledged magpie needed a brand identity for his business of upcycling, furniture restoration and vintage treasure hunting.

The stencilled style of the logo font combined with the submark of the paper aeroplane is a nod to the youthful inspirations behind the brand, with the black and white colour scheme creating a timeless identity, The addition of the primary colours red, blue and yellow add another playful dimension. These colours are the simplest in existence but are combined to create infinite others, a reference to the uncomplicated but boundless imagination of a child at play.

My work with this brand has been ongoing (you may have noticed Dave & I share a surname), from logo design right through to styling for product shoots and design for signage and collateral.


Logo Design & Branding Development for a vintage furniture restoration and upcycling expert
July 8, 2020
Branding Development, Collateral, Logo Design