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About Me

Atra Creative is a brand that has developed organically
to combine all of my creative pursuits in the fields of
art and design.

My name is Erin Braithwaite; I am an interior designer by qualification and Project Manager
by day. Before all that I was a kid with a wild imagination who was happiest with a new set
of colouring pencils and a blank page. I guess that’s where Atra Creative really began, if you
want to get philosophical about it.

Fast forward to the present day, I put my art on the internet and some people like it enough
to buy it. Every time that happens I do an actual happy dance.

To browse artworks, click here.

I have also been known to happy dance when I get the opportunity to bring a brand to life
with hand painted elements for logo design and visual identity. Your brand is your story, and
I can help you tell it.

To see my portfolio, click here.
Fun Fact: The name Atra came from a Google search for the Latin word for ‘ink’.

I got to ‘Atramentum’, decided to shorten it a bit, and then found that ‘Atra’ is a Latin variation for the word ‘black’.
Not only my favourite colour (I know I know, not technically a colour) but also representative of my
She’ collection which got all of this started.